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Andreas Guggenbühl, Founder & CEO, Zurich
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Andreas Guggenbühl Founder & CEO, Zurich

Andreas develops the editing techniques and conducts the quality inspection and production. He studied mechanical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ).

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Michael Berli Founder & CTO, Zurich

Michael is responsible for the IT development and 3D visualisations. He has a degree in computer sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ).

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Sandra Guggenbühl CCO, Berlin

Sandra is the manager and coordinator for fashion developments and corporate identity. She graduated from the University of Basel .


It all started in 2013, when SELFNATION-founders Andreas Guggenbühl and Michael Berli went jeans shopping with their girlfriends and not a single pair they tried on would fit. The two friends who studied together, decided to take matter into their own hands and with the help of Creative Director, Sandra Guggenbühl, and another designer they laid the foundation for SELFNATION.

SELFNATION today is very much shaped by the Berlin spirit. Annabel Kober, Head of Design for SELFNATION, creates new cuts and colours for our trousers in the German capital, Berlin. The experienced designer is a local and worked in the premium-segment for many years. Combined with the life mentality of the Zurich founding team the products of SELFNATION express a certain urban lifestyle.

The combination of the art of engineering and fashion design forms the core of SELFNATION. We believe that we can change and make an impact on the world of fashion with our new and innovative approach. Our passion lies in creating our products and we are very proud to manufacture one of a kind trousers for each and every one. Our goal is to always create tailor-made jeans, chinos and shorts that have the perfect fit with the world’s finest materials.

SELFNATION initially started with tailor-made jeans for women and, due to high demand introduced tailor-made jeans for men a year later. Since 2016, SELFNATION also offers tailor-made chinos and shorts in their online shop.