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Our exclusive fabrics are all produced in European manufactories, such as the Northern Italian weaving mill, which manufactures Italdenim without any toxic chemicals and is part of the Greenpeace Detox Agreements. The fifth-generation company Candiani, too, manufactures high-quality Italian denim for us. Candiani has been described as the “Greenest Textile Company in the Blue World”. Marlane, a weaving mill in the traditional Italian wool production centre, Biella, manufactures our delicate woollen stretch in a Tropicana style weave.

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At SELFNATION, sustainability and quality go hand in hand. For the production of your trousers we use only the highest-quality fabrics from European weaving mills with many years of experience. The fibres are spun into yarn at the same location as the fabrics are woven and coloured. All fabrics – from the yarn to the buttons – are from Europe. In the selection of our partners we have considered every detail: Zips by YKK (GE), leather tags by Okinawa (I), denim by Italdenim and Candiani (I), yarns by Gütermann (GE) and buttons by Berning (GE). This way, SELFNATION ensures short hauls and protects the environment.

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Our collections are put together and our products are designed in Berlin, whereby the perfect balance between creativity, modernity and aesthetics is always at the centre – right in accordance with Berlin and its attitude towards life. When designing the trousers, we make sure that they are ever-pleasing and become your favourite clothing item, which does not underlie any short-lived trends.