Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions If you have a question but can't find any answers, just send us an E-Mail.

Orders and Shipping

How do I place an order?

It is really easy: Choose one style of our trousers. Measure yourself according to the instructions given in the video. We need 6 measurements from men and 8 from women and then insert them into the measurement fields. Afterwards you can finish your order and with the payment method of your choice.

How long is the production time?

Our trousers are carefully manufactured and subjected to quality control before shipping. We will update you via email about each production step. Shipping times may vary depending on demand. You can see the approximate delivery time in the studio when clicking on the colour choices.

How much does shipping cost and in which countries does SELFNATION ship?

Shipping to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, France, Netherland, Belgium, England, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden is free of charge.
If you would like to have your jeans delivered to a different country, then please contact Lena.

As a new customer, are the trousers mailed together when I order several pants?

It crucial for us that SELFNATION trousers fit perfectly from the very beginning. Therefore, when you are a new customer, we only send you one pair - if the trousers fit and you are happy, we will be shortly working on more trousers for you.


How do I measure myself?

Measuring yourself up is really easy. After you have chosen your design, you have to input your measurments. Just follow the instructions for women or men given in the video. Every measurment is accompanied by a video which shows you how to measure correctly. Insert the measurments that you have taken; our tailors will make sure that your trousers fit perfectly.

Satisfaction Guarantee

What happens if the pants do not fit?

This does not happen very often, as the trousers are exclusively produced with your measurements. If this however does occur then you can contact us within 14 days of delivery of your jeans, chinos or shorts via email or telephone.
Explain to us in a few short sentences what the issue about the fitting is and send us, if possible, pictures of you wearing your jeans. It’s important that you contact us first. Depending on the issue we can offer you the following:

  • Small adjustments up to 40 CHF (EUR 35 / GBP 35) can be made at your nearest partner tailor and will be paid by SELFNATION. Send Lena a picture or scan of your receipt and your bank account information so we can transfer you the amount.
  • In case of small adjustments a complete new production of your SELFNATION trousers is possible upon consultation with Lena.
  • The third possibility is the refund of the full purchase price. Return the pair of jeans back to us. Please contact Lena within two weeks, she is looking forward to helping you.


Where are the trousers produced?

Your SELFNATION pants are traditionally tailored by experienced tailors in our atelier Switzerland.

For information on the processed materials go to Production.

Are the trousers vegan?

All our chinos and shorts are vegan. When it comes to our jeans all our materials are vegan except the leather tags. If you wish to have your jeans completely vegan without the leather tag, please contact us via email directly after you have ordered your jeans: [email protected]


How many payment options are there?

You can pay via advance payment or with a credit card or Postcard, PayPal or with SOFORT-Überweisung. The credit card payments are all carried out on the secure PostFinance page. Your credit card details are encrypted and then exclusivly transfered to the secure PostFinance servers where they are saved.


How do I maintain my pants?

The instructions on the label of your trousers tell you how to wash them. Just follow these instructions so that you can enjoy your favorite individual jeans, chinos or shorts for years to come!

You can find further advice on how to maintain your product at our blog.


Do you forward measurements or personal data to third parties?

No - absolutely not. Your data is safe, SELFNATION will not forward your measurements or personal data to any third party.