General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

  • 1. Scope of Application

  • 1.1. The following GTC apply concerning all purchases made by means of our online shop (,,,,,,,,

  • 2. Contractual Partner

  • 2.1. The purchase agreement is made in accordance with (hereinafter: 'offeror'):
    RealLook AG
    c/o Flexoffice
    Fraumünsterstrasse 16
    8001 Zurich
    Commercial Register of the Canton Zurich (Switzerland), CH- 1.

  • 3. Offer and Coclusion of Contract

  • 3.1. The illustration of the products in our online shop is not a legally binding offer, but an invitation to order. Errors excepted.

  • 3.2. By selecting the ordering button, you place a binding order of goods that are contained in the shopping cart. The confirmation of receipt of the order occurs together with the acceptance of the order immediately by an automated email. With this confirmation email the purchase contract becomes legally effective.

  • 3.3. The delivery of the ordered goods occurs upon prepayment only after the complete amount has been credited to the account of the offeror. In case the consumer’s payment, within a time slot of 7 calendar days after sending the order confirmation despite the due date and after anew request of the offeror, does not reach the offeror, the offeror has the right to rescind the contract with the consequence of the cancellation of the order and no obligation of delivery for the offeror. The order has been fully deal with without any further consequences neither for the consumer, nor for the offeror.

  • 3.4. You have the right, within fourteen days without indication of any reason, to withdraw from the contract. The right of withdrawal contains fourteen days taken from the day you or a third party, other than the carrier and indicated by you, takes or has taken possession of the good or in case of a contract regarding several goods, which you ordered in a common order, yet being delivered separately on the day, which you or a third party, other than the carrier and indicated by you, takes or has taken possession of the final good. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you have to inform us at

    RealLook AG
    c/o Flexoffice
    Fraumünsterstrasse 16
    8001 Zurich
    +41 44 586 84 97

    by means of a clear declaration (e.g. a letter sent by mail or Email) concerning your decision to withdraw from the contract. For that you can use the enclosed standard withdrawal form, which is however not prescribed. To safeguard the withdrawal period, it suffices to send the communication concerning the exercise of the withdrawal right before the withdrawal period has expired.

    Consequences of Withdrawal
    In case you withdraw from this contract, we have to pay back all costs, which we received from you, including the delivery costs (with the exception of additional costs, which resulted from you choosing a different way of delivery other than that offered by us, which is the more advantageous standard delivery) immediately and the latest within fourteen days taken from the day, on which we received the communication concerning your withdrawal from this contract. For the repayment we use the same payment method, which you used at the original transaction, unless it was explicitly agreed upon something else; in any case, no additional fee shall be charged concerning the repayment. We may refuse the repayment until we receive back the good or until you have provided the evidence of sending back the good, whichever is the earliest. You have to send back or hand over the good immediately and in any case the latest within fourteen days taken from the day, on which you informed us about the withdrawal from the contract. The time limit has been complied with, if you send back the good before the expiration of the time limit of fourteen days. You are liable for any diminished value of the good only in the case, if the diminished value of the good can be traced back to you by means of testing the condition, quality and functionality based in connection to unnecessary usage. We shall bear the costs for returning the goods.
    Exclusion of withdrawal

    The right of withdrawal does not apply in case of

    • the delivery of goods, which are not prepared in advance and which require the consumer’s individual choice or determination concerning the production or which are clearly tailored to the personal needs of the consumer
    • the delivery of goods, which can perish quickly or whose expiration date has been exceeded
    • the delivery of sealed goods, which are not suited for return, based on reasons such as health protection and hygiene, if they were unsealed after delivery
    • the delivery of goods, if they have been mixed up inseparable with other goods based on their condition after the delivery
    • the delivery of alcoholic beverages, where the price has been agreed upon the conclusion of the contract, which however can be delivered within the earliest 30 days after the conclusion of the contract and the actual value of which is dependent on fluctuations in the market, which cannot be controlled by the trader
    • the delivery of sound- and video-recordings or computer software in sealed package, if it was unsealed after delivery
    • the delivery of newspapers, magazines or illustrated publications with the exception of subscription contracts

    End of withdrawal policy

    Standard withdrawal form

    (If you want to withdraw from the contract, please fill in this form and send it back to us)

    RealLook AG
    c/o Flexoffice
    Fraumünsterstrasse 16
    8001 Zurich

    Herewith I/we (*) withdraw from the contract I/we (*) concluded concerning the purchase of the following goods (*)/ provision of the following service (*): Ordered on (*) / received on (*): Name and address of the consumer:

    Signature of the consumer (only upon notice on paper): _____________________
    Date: _____________________
    (*) Please delete as applicable

  • 4. Voluntary right to return

  • 4.1. We grant you the contractual right to return, next to the statutory right of withdrawal, within 14 days taken from the day of receiving the good, concerning all trousers (gift vouchers excluded). By means of this right of return you can rescind from the contract by contacting us concerning the return within 14 days after receiving the trousers. This occurs in form of Email, letter or by phone to:

    RealLook AG
    c/o Flexoffice
    Fraumünsterstrasse 16
    8001 Zürich
    +41 44 586 84 97

    You will be informed about the address of return in the country, where you received the goods. The client basically takes over the costs of the return. In case of effective exercise of your right to return the mutually received benefits are to be returned and if so derived profits (e.g. interest rates) shall be released. In the event you cannot render or return the received benefits (e.g. compensation for use) totally, partly or in a deteriorated condition, you have to compensate for the respective value. The repayment shall occur, in as far as you do not inform us about a different bank account, on the same account, which was initially used for the payment.

  • 5. Delivery

  • 5.1. The offeror shall offer its goods exclusively to clients from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Luxemburg, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Deliveries made to Switzerland and to Liechtenstein are processed by the Swiss Postal Service, whereas deliveries made to the other said countries by means of UPS.

  • 5.2. The preparation- and delivery costs are taken care of by the offeror, as far as they concern the previously mentioned countries, RealLook AG delivers to (see 5.1).

  • 5.3. The delivery time depends on the capacity utilization. We point to the actual delivery time on the respective product page. Working days comprise all week days with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

  • 5.4. The offeror is not responsible for any kind of damage, which arises upon belated arrival of the good at the client’s or a third party’s destination.

  • 5.5. By paying in advance, the process of delivery starts two working days after receiving the payment on the bank account of the offeror.

  • 6. Prices and delivery costs

  • 6.1. All prices shall be in Swiss francs, Euro or Great British Pounds, depending on the indication ("CHF", "EUR" or "GBP")

  • 6.2. Unless otherwise declared ("excl. VAT") all prices are the final prices including the statutory value-added tax.

  • 6.3. The shipping costs will be charged extra and are indicated in the shopping cart and FAQs.

  • 6.4. For shipments to the countries listed in 5.1 all import duties are included.

  • 7. Payment

  • 7.1. Payment is possible either by postcard, credit card (Mastercard, Visacard), PayPal or by payment in advance.

  • 7.2. By choosing the payment in advance method, we inform you about our bank details via the order confirmation and deliver the good after receiving the payment.

  • 7.3. The client agrees to receive the bill exclusively in an electronic version.

  • 8. Gift- and promotion vouchers

  • 8.1. The offeror provides for gift- and promotion vouchers. Gift vouchers are vouchers, which the client can purchase. Promotion vouchers are vouchers, which the client cannot purchase, but which are provided by the offeror in the course of advertising campaigns including a certain validity period.

  • 8.2. Gift vouchers and promotion vouchers can be used solely for the services of the offeror.

  • 9. Validity period and redeeming of promotion vouchers

  • 9.1. Promotion vouchers are only valid within the specified time period and can be redeemed only once during an ordering process. Individual items may be excluded from the voucher promotion.

  • 9.2. The good’s value has to correspond at least to the amount of the promotion voucher. Due to administrative reasons, any remaining balance cannot be refunded.

  • 9.3. Promotion vouchers can be redeemed only before completing the ordering process. A subsequent offsetting is not possible. The balance of the promotion voucher will neither be paid out in cash, nor is it subject to interest.

  • 9.4. The combination of several promotion vouchers is not possible.

  • 9.5. In case the balance of the promotion voucher should not suffice for the order, the difference can be compensated by means of the offered payment method.

  • 9.6. The promotion voucher is transferable. Using the voucher for commercial purposes is not permitted. Reproducing, editing or manipulating the voucher is also not permitted.

  • 10. Validity period and redeeming of gift vouchers

  • 10.1. Gift vouchers (vouchers, which you can purchase) can be redeemed on our website by purchasing items.

  • 10.2. Gift vouchers are normally issued after receiving the purchase price and sent within two working days, whereas the validity period is mentioned on the voucher.

  • 10.3. The validity period of the gift voucher generally entails three years taken from the date of issue, in as far as the voucher does not mention any deviating validity period. The extension of the validity period is not possible. Vouchers or rest balance, which has not been redeemed, expire after the expiration of the validity period and will not be refunded.

  • 10.4. The gift vouchers can be used as payment method for a product from the offeror in the amount of the declared value free of choice.

  • 10.5. The balance of a gift voucher will neither be paid out in cash, nor is it subject to interest.

  • 10.6. Gift vouchers can only be redeemed upon completion of the ordering process. Gift vouchers cannot be credited subsequently.

  • 10.7. In case the balance of a gift voucher should not suffice for the order, the difference can be compensated by means of the offered payment methods.

  • 10.8. Excess amounts of vouchers, which result from booking an advantageous product, remain on the voucher. Refunding or cash payment of a remained balance is not possible.

  • 10.9. In accordance with one order, a maximum of one gift voucher is allowed. It is not possible to combine gift vouchers together with promotion vouchers.

  • 10.10. The offeror does not hold any responsibility for loss, damage or illegibility of voucher cards, which has not been cause by the offeror.

  • 10.11. The gift voucher is transferable. Commercial resale, however, is prohibited, if no written and explicit permission is given by the offeror. Reproducing, editing or manipulating the voucher is also not permitted. The offeror holds the claim for damages in case of violation.

  • 11. Collection by the client

  • 11.1. We deliver only in accordance with our dispatch route. Unfortunately, collecting the good by yourself is not possible.

  • 12. Retention of title

  • 12.1. The good remains our property until it has been paid in full.

  • 13. Transport damages

  • 13.1. In case goods, having obvious transport damages, are being delivered, please make sure to immediately make a complaint concerning such defects towards the deliverer and to promptly contact us. The omission of making a complaint or contacting us does not have any consequence concerning your legal claims and its enforcement, and in particular your warranty rights. You help us, however, to validate our own claims towards the carrier or transport insurance.

  • 14. Storage of the contractual text

  • 14.1. We store the contractual text and send you the ordering data, as well as our GTC via Email. The GTC can also be seen on this page and be downloaded at any time. Your previous oders can be seen in your client account.

  • 15. Contract language

  • 15.1. The language for the conclusion of the contract is English.

  • 16. Warranty

  • 16.1. The statutory warranty rights apply to all offered items in our shop.

  • 17. Data protection

  • 17.1. The collection, processing and retention of data comply exclusively with the provisions of the German and Swiss data protection law. The data protection policy is a part of these GTC and can be seen at any time on our webpage.